About Me

Being a Marriage Celebrant allows me the honour of being part of one of the most important days of a couple’s life. A very different career choice after 16 years working in the Banking Industry and a choice that I have never looked back on.

From a young age I trained as a singer, pianist and became a song writer who found much joy in telling stories through music and lyrics. After completing a business degree in Music Industry I landed myself the perfect job for my skill set…..working at a bank.  What the? I hear you say….well I also got married around that time and much to my disappointment the mortgage could not be paid with tunes!  Writing songs became my outlet  – my happy place.  A great 16 year career in banking, happily married and 3 beautiful kids later, it was time for change. 

Becoming a Celebrant allowed me to capitalise on my passion for storytelling to deliver personalised ceremonies .  Weddings can be full of tangibles, dresses, suits, flowers, rings…..but an amazing ceremony is more than that, it’s what you can’t see or touch that makes all the difference –  the emotion, the connection….you know, the vibe!  That’s where I come in.

I am all about creating the ceremony you desire, be it as brief as you want or as long as you wish – it should reflect you as a couple and by the end of it your guests should feel like they have been along for the whole ride.  I pride myself on professionalism and reliability and have a great respect for the trust put in me to give my couples what they envision in a ceremony. 


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